To cut a long story short, the common belief among many punters that casinos let you win at first is far from true. Now that we cleared that up, this subject has more essence, so let’s expand it a bit.

How online casino games work

The software behind video slots or other casino games which do not involve live dealers relies on complicated algorithms forming the RNG.

RNG (Random Number Generator) decides the outcome of a spin or a betting round, so there is no telling when a slot machine is supposed to hit, as this is another myth to debunk once and forever. There is, however, a truth in the fact that RNG cannot be completely random at all times.

A casino uses Pseudo-Random Number Generators, algorithms that create numerical sequences approximating random number patterns. For example, a video slot with multiple symbols will have a predefined RNG for each independent symbol on any given spin but always with a seed number that predetermines specific values. In a nutshell, a jackpot slot can’t award two Grand jackpots resulting from two subsequent spins unless a faulty RNG has been established within the machine’s software configuration.

How does a slot machine works?

The outcome of a spin at the slots relies on various factors: Timing, betting size, RTP (return to player default percentage) volatility. We shall talk about the two extremities; Low and High volatility slots:

A low volatility slot game frequently pays, some of them almost on every spin, yet the amount they return can be significantly lower than the player’s bet in most cases. Such slots give the players the illusion of winning and being on a roll when, in fact, bankroll is draining, not growing.

Contrary to low volatile machines are the highly volatile ones; Preferred in the ranks of high-rollers hunting big bucks and enjoying their adrenaline maxing out on each spin. A high volatility video slot has a lesser frequency when it comes to awarding winning combinations; It provides a challenging spinning session, but with better cash prizes in the events fates align. Highly volatile slot machines might award big wins multiple times in a short span or simply be ridiculously punishing and feature lots of “dead spins”.

So… do casinos let you win at first?

Let’s begin with the internet venues. So you’ve just registered, perhaps even claimed a welcome bonus at an online casino. You browse through the game list and decide to select one which appeals to your tastes, and shortly after, lo and behold, you hit an excellent winning combination. The lucky streak continues, and you even end up cashing out in your first ever experience with the respective casino.

How did that happen? Was there someone observing your playing style, and based on your wagering pattern, they decide to push some buttons and release big wins? Nope. It was just the right timing (RNG-wise), and you happened to be in the universe where the 1 out of 50,000 spins chance-to-win-the-grand-prize scenario took place. New accounts in an online casino have nothing to do with increasing your odds of winning in the first go!

Tip to improve your chances of winning at the online slot machines: Always look for a licensed casino with software providers vetted by third-party testing companies such as Quinel. Want to learn more about how slot games are provably fair nowadays? See the infographic below. Trouble seeing it? Try a desktop device.

do casinos let you win
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What about offline casinos?

Suppose it’s your first time visiting an offline casino. Unless you don’t hold a sign that says, “It’s my first time playing here”, how could casinos tell about your maiden visit to their venue?

Reputable offline casinos don’t have rigged machines since they are subject to thorough investigations from local gambling authorities. Take, for example, physical casinos in Romania where some devices are not available sometimes because an ONJN representative (ONJN is the Romanian National Authority for Gambling) is yet to check and verify if the terminal is compliant with the regulations. UK Gambling Commission is another well-known authority famous for making sure gamblers do not get cheated.

Do casinos let you win on purpose? Not really.

When playing in an offline casino, the staff will try to keep you there as much as they can. Some venues offer complimentary food, free drinks or comps, such as free hotel rooms, just to keep their customers returning. While all are great from the hospitality perspective, it doesn’t mean that you should not walk away whenever you feel like it. Every bit of profit is better than losing it all just for the sake of enjoying an extra drink while doing few more spins.

Enjoying your time on an internet casino while trying hundreds of games from the comfort of your home is unmatched. However, always make sure to practice responsible gaming, set limits and never bet more than you can afford to lose. Take advantage of welcome bonuses with friendly wagering requirements that increase your bankroll, thus catching that lucky streak.

Recommended online casinos where you can really win

If you wish to practice safe and legit online gaming, please find below our recommendations for the best online casinos. Strictly available for players 18 of age or older. Gambling can be addictive. Please bet responsibly!

Final Thoughts

To conclude, your lucky streak could last for days, or you might not win anything at all. A player winning often must have tons of luck, be constantly aware of the financial risks. Know when to back out, and realise that the house wins most of the time in the long term. Understand there are no written rules when it comes to how often a player can win or lose. It all depends on maintaing your head straight and not succumb to a tilting-mode should you lose.

Losing and winning are both part of the gambling experience, so look after yourself all the time; Don’t get cocky because you’ve just won big. Take a break, spend some of your winnings or invest them into something. You can always come back later and play some more. Casinos will always be there.

Did you lose? Take a break, sit back and assess your situation. Did you go over your head with spending? Make sure it does not happen again by setting monthly loss limits or put your account into a cooling-off period. Seek help with if you feel betting has become a problem.

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