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Coming with a pinch of novelty when it comes to the game-play, the Aureus slot produced by Crazy Tooth Studio is intriguing, innovative and entertaining. Find out below the complete details and check out the demo play video our editors prepared for you.

Aureus Slot Details

The interesting grid layout (called a game board) consists in seven columns, each one of them having five symbol rows. When it comes to the list of symbols, Aureus slot is simple to understand once the player gets to warm up a bit after a dozen of spins.

Lacking active pay-lines or payout positions, Aureus introduces an interesting method for the players to obtain winning combinations through a combo of opening-closing “Brackets”. The “Brackets” are key elements and can shape in the size of 1-high, 2-high or 3-high opening/closing symbols. Think of it as a puzzle where the game must put the pieces together in order to obtain something, the same concept here. So to explain further simple: An horizontal oval area must surround symbols to award their respective values or special properties.

An example of a winning combination would look like the picture below. Over there we have coin symbols bordered by an opening and a closing bracket. The coin values within the bordered area are added up and then awarded to the player. Additionally, the bracket bordering area can trigger the special symbols explained below.

Aureus Slot Review

Aureus Slot Symbols Explained

Bronze, Silver and Gold base coins display various cash values depending on the active bet size. Each coin displays a value calculated by multiplying the won coin value by 0.01. As an example: 100 coin value x 0.01 equals 1.00 credit which translates as a £/€ 1 prize. Furthermore, the list of symbols also contains Re-spin Coins, Collect All Coin, Collect Column Coin, Upgrade Coin, 5X, 4X, 3X, and 2X Multiplier Coins.

The special symbols explained as it follows:

  • Re-Spin Coins: Single number figures surrounded by double-arrows appear in the second, fourth or sixth column and can award between 2 and 5 re-spins. The special symbol must be within a complete bracket.
  • Collect All Coin: Triple Lightning symbol situated in a complete bracket will trigger the collection of the entire game-board coin values. Appears only on columns 2, 4 and 6 only.
  • Collect Column Coin: Single Silver Lightning symbol situated in a bracket will collect the entire column coin values. The special symbol can land only on columns 2, 4 and 6 only.
  • Upgrade Coin (Upper Arrow) symbol lands on columns 2, 4 and 6 only and will upgrade the bronze and silver coins also awarding an additional upgraded coin.
  • Multiplier Coins (5, 4, 3 and 2X) appear on columns 2, 4 and 6 and multiply the total value of the coins situated in the collection area.

Aureus Special Features

Aside from the achievement panel which doesn’t serve any money-rewarding purpose, the players can enjoy two additional features (Lightning and Aureus Re-spins). The Lightning Feature randomly triggers adding an opening bracket in the same row where a closing bracket is situated.

Re-spin feature triggers when one of the aforementioned Re-spin coin special symbols are collected in an open-closed bracket zone. Furthermore, the re-spins can trigger up to eight times. The coins inside the collection zones are awarded and then re-populated based on the remaining number of re-spins. To conclude, any special collection areas awarded by the Collect Column and Collect All Coins will not persist between the remaining re-spins.

Aureus Demo Play Video

Check out below the demo version of the game while we were taking it for a test drive. Please make sure to also subscribe to BetLancer’s Youtube channel if you wish to discover more snippets of your favourite online slot games. Important to realize is that the demo version may slightly vary from the final release found in the online casinos. The video is age-restricted; therefore, it is available only if you are logged in on YouTube.

Aureus Final Verdict & Slot Summary

Having a fresh concept and decent payout potential, Aureus is the type of online casino game that needs time to get under your skin. A cool touch is the “Easter egg” triggered when you click Zeus, resulting in some hilarious reactions from the god of thunder. A not-so-cool touch is the hit rate which seems rather challenging but we suppose that big chunks of payouts comes for those who wait.

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