Fake casino streamers, a topic that is never fun to debate. Not only these people are scamming the naive players, but they are also painting a very negative image upon those who are legit. Honest affiliate and streamers get to suffer when such deceitful individuals are sitting in front of a webcam, negatively influencing people looking to gamble and hit a decent payout at their favourite online casinos.

Disclaimer: This article is strictly directed at streamers using scam methods and not at the legit people putting effort into delivering trustworthy and quality content. However, never say never when it comes to the gambling world. If you are uncertain about a brand or person connected to the gambling industry and cannot find reliable information regarding them, it is better to steer clear if your instinct says so. Read more below.

Online casino streamers

Are online casinos streamers fake? Some of them are!

And if you thought they’re getting more imaginative, they’re not! The streaming phenomenon for casino players wasn’t always widespread, but with the ceaseless expansion of the online gambling industry, the demand and hunger for content also skyrocketed. Platforms such as Twitch and YouTube are nowadays full of various faces trying to attract their viewers towards bogey casinos where cash-outs are a mirage.

If you, as a viewer, enjoy watching someone for their creativity and entertainment potential, nothing wrong with that. But suppose you, however, choose to trust a streamer and use one of his/hers promotional offer at a casino. In that case, it’s always a healthy choice to first try and observe the behaviour of that “generous” person helping you out striking an insane deposit bonus.

The profile of a fake casino streamer is typically consisting of a few signs revealing the evil intentions, which include (but do not limit to) the following:

1. Constant wagering with enormous bet sizes

While it’s understandable that there are plenty of people wealthy enough to afford gambling big bucks, it’s somewhat unnatural and at the same time unethical to display such unhealthy gambling practice and record themselves while doing it. I’ve seen cases where the protagonists facing the webcam would mention that “responsible gambling is crucial”, yet they would engage in mad sessions with spins worth £/€50+ a pop. And while it’s not our business how a person chooses to spend their money, it’s pretty clear that a streamer having the carefree attitude to spend fortunes within minutes doesn’t depend on pushing his/her viewers to use promo codes or make them donate.

2. There is always a sketchy casino displayed or mentioned in the advertising area

Online casinos with a grimy background generally lack a long lifespan thanks to websites comparing and reviewing them. Affiliate websites (such as ours) are trying their best to paint an accurate picture of a casino operator. However, we can sometimes make mistakes and team up with brands proving to be shady after a while.

Curacao-licensed casinos are at rock bottom in the popularity/trust score chart, and for good reasons too. Far too many stories where players were deprived of their winnings without any logical explanation since the aforementioned casinos’ only mission was to pocket customers money. In the event of someone winning, the following scenarios would come into play:

a) Play the waiting game by resorting to painfully long withdrawal times ending with the player eventually cancelling the withdrawal and ultimately losing everything because they weren’t so lucky as last time.

b) Finding an excuse to terminate the player’s account according to some shady or fictional terms and conditions of which, of course, the player wasn’t aware of.

A casino licensed in Curacao is more likely to be in cahoots with a fake streamer as both sides are after the short-term money-grabbing scheme from players lacking information. The whole shebang is simple: Casinos provide the rogue streamers with fake money accounts permanently boosted to feed the curiosity of the naive viewers. Next time you discover an over-enthusiastic person constantly hitting big wins at some casino you’ve never heard of their existence until then, it’s maybe better to leave their stream. However, if you continue watching because you are somewhat entertained, not to claim any bonus or other offer until you are not 100% satisfied with the background check is the smart choice here.

Disclaimer: Not all the Curacao-licensed casinos are bad or scams. Loki Casino is a legit website where the players can rest assured that their money is safe when making a deposit or a withdrawal. It is displayed on our website because, at the time of listing, there were no disputes or complaints against them. Still, use precaution at all times, no matter which casino or licence you prefer.

3. Fake casino streamers are really bad at acting

There is one particular streamer which we will not reveal by name, both cringe and pathetic at the same time. This fellow’ (here’s a hint, it’s a guy) seems to always find the key to success by landing massive wins resulted from huge bets. And every single time, the same annoying fake laugh and enthusiasm mimicking. Losing hundreds of thousands of Euros/Dollars/Pounds? No biggie, tomorrow the bankroll is magically back because “I played some live casino while wasn’t streaming and managed to get back on track”. And don’t even get me started with the Twitch cleavage festival. It’s just too much for one day.

A casino streamer did a withdrawal while he was live, seems legit, right?

Not. A few years back, this was perhaps the ultimate method to check if viewers dealt with a liar or an honest gambler streaming live. Unfortunately, this method of proving the legitimacy can be debunked in so many ways that it’s not even fun to mention them. Among these scams, there is, as we recently learned, a way in which the illegal online casino can provide a gateway to sustain fake deposit and withdrawals, making them seem real as if the fake casino streamers did it using their personal payment methods.

To conclude, just because the online gambling world has its bad apples when it comes to streamers/casinos or affiliates does not mean that all are bad. It’s encouraging to see that lots of people emerge from behind and begin to truthfully promote responsible gambling as well as promoting legal and certified casinos. But like in any great story, there will always be heroes and antagonists. As long as the audience (players/gambling enthusiasts) learns how to stay informed, the online casino industry will reach even greater heights.

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