We had the pleasure to catch up for a small chat with Ben Hoffman, the president of Crazy Tooth Studio, the Reno-based company responsible for releasing creative online casino slot games such as Aureus. See what Ben has to say about the future of online gambling and upcoming games from CTS.

Interview with Ben Hoffman, Crazy Tooth Studio

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to take this interview. Can you please introduce yourself and explain what your history with Crazy Tooth Studio is?

“Hello – thank you for your interest! My name is Ben Hoffman, and I am President of Crazy Tooth Studio®. My background is in math, music, and computer-generated art, but I my introduction to gaming was at International Game Technology, where I worked as a math product developer and game developer. In 2011, I founded Crazy Tooth Studio™ with a small group of friends; our goal was to bring innovative game types to market.”

What’s it like to work for Crazy Tooth Studio and how did you end up in the iGaming industry?

“Crazy Tooth Studio™ is a unique place to work. We often joke that once you’ve worked here, you may become un-employable anywhere else. We say that because the chaotic, fun, and open environment at the studio allows for a totally different style of collaboration, which wouldn’t work at most other places. We are lucky to have such an incredibly dedicated and hard-working group of people who are ready for anything, because anything can happen at Crazy Tooth™! Other than my own gaming experience, everyone at Crazy Tooth originally came from a non-gaming background, which enabled the entire team to approach the game-making process with fresh eyes. We embrace new perspectives and view game development as an ever-evolving field.”

What type of colleague are you in the Crazy Tooth Studio family? Can you “name and shame” the naughtiest?

“I’m always interested in keeping some un-expected or new things happening at the studio – I’m also often singing popular songs badly with the wrong lyrics. Trying to pin down the “naughtiest” is somewhat difficult, but you might say that Jason Newmark, our production VP, fits that description; while he is our studio’s most senior member, he has the mischievous mind of a teenager!”

The year is 2031 (ten years from now). What does the online casino industry look like in your imagination?

“We have been thrilled with the evolution of the casino industry thus-far, and expect that continue into the future. Players now have a much greater appetite for innovative and immersive gameplay and we embrace these trends as game developers. We are constantly aiming for games to have higher production value, new bold experiences for players, games to leave a strong and memorable impression, all while staying true to the core wagering and math components that drive the industry. We view these efforts as a way to continually publish new games that players want to play.”

We are moving on to the slots. Can you name three main “ingredients” every game should have?

“Every slot game should have a compelling math ‘ride’, a feature or set of features that the player can immediately root for, and an overall game experience that is satisfying for players to spend time with.”

Since we’ve mentioned slots, is there a game out there that gives you that “wow, this is an awesome one” feeling?

“I like Crazy Tooth games 🙂 I am especially excited about one of our newer slots Aureus™. It is a completely new kind of slot but it feels familiar at the same time. The game has some cool features, including Coinverge™. What is really awesome is that they can work together for huge wins.”

In the ending of this interview, would you be so kind as to tell us what our readers should expect in the future from Crazy Tooth Studio? Are there any exciting games in the work pipeline?

“We’ve got some exciting new games coming soon: “Lucky Clucks™”, “Golden Hook™” and “Rhino Rilla Rex™”. Even just talking about these titles gives you a sense of how much innovation and diversity we pour into our games… In Lucky Clucks™, featuring Big Buildup™, crazy chickens have hijacked a farm – they grow bigger throughout gameplay, laying prize-bearing eggs along the way. In Golden Hook™, featuring WiNCREASE™, you spend time on the open ocean fishing for all kinds of big fish and big prizes. Rhino Rilla Rex™ features the combining of wild creatures into super-beasts that multiply your wins, powered by Team-Up Reels™. We’re always aiming to bring fresh and exciting new experiences to players, and these latest games will not disappoint!”

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