To celebrate the five years since Fugaso (Future Gaming Solutions) began its inception, we had the pleasure to arrange an interview with Niko Mazger, the company’s CEO and one of the most active people in the online casino industry. In this interview, Niko talks about challenges, future projects and more. Happy reading!

Hello Niko, and congratulations on the five years celebration of Fugaso. Would you mind telling us how it all started and the journey so far with Future Gaming Solutions?

Hello and thank you for having me especially during our 5 year milestone! So let me give you some history and see how it all began. I have been a part of the iGaming industry for the last 20 years and I feel that the industry has been growing globally during the last few years which makes us more than happy to be a part of, as one of the most entertaining content suppliers.

Fugaso has been established towards the end of 2016 with a group of highly experienced professionals of the i-Gaming industry from companies like 888, Playtech , Bwin and gaming experts from diverse industries. Ever since our inception, we have continued to provide state-of-the art content for online casinos while providing players with a safe and responsible gaming environment.

A half-decade and multiple amazing games released so far. What were the most significant challenges so far?

During the past five years, we have been moving forward and learning at the same time. I can comfortably say that establishing a regulated and a very popular prospect who carries so many powerful titles within just 5 years while managing a small team of professionals is a hell of a challenge. We are very proud and grateful for where we have come today. Our most considerable success is precisely where we are and what we are about to introduce into the industry during the few years; you would want to see that, believe me!

Without considering the pandemic restrictions, how does a typical day in the office with the Fugaso team look like?

Luckily we have managed to overcome the challenge presented during the last 18 months due to the fact that our team is very responsible at working remotely, it was not a new thing for us; therefore we have managed to keep in touch on a daily basis, make sure our team knows the task at hand and moves forward as planned. A typical day is all about having fun and being productive with our idea’s and creations. You should join us and see once the pandemic regulations allow it.

Which title would you choose if you were to pick your all-time favourite game produced in the Fugaso studios?

This one is a tough one to answer as it all depends on the mood as well as it depends on so many different aspects of your gameplay preferences. From my point of view, the best game is still in production, Fugaso has been improving its content portfolio gradually over time, and I am sure that the best is yet to come; you will have to wait and see for yourself!

As of now, we have various popular titles such as Fortune Circus, Jewel Sea Pirate Riches, Book Of Anime, which is going great for the Japanese market and many other new titles we have coming up, even a special edition of a fully Trademarked and Patented feature which will be presented during 2022 – called RUNNING REELS™.

Let’s get back to the celebration. Are any parties going on for this special occasion?

We have decided with our team to postpone the celebrations and focus on the task at hand; with today’s regulations and safety measures, it’s pretty tricky to full fill our vision of a true celebration.
Nevertheless, our vision is set for ICE 2022 in London, expect a lot of celebrations to take place over there.

Any special shoutouts for key people that helped Fugaso grow into such a successful casino software provider brand?

We are grateful for every single partner that we have; every one of them has given trust in our brand and shown their support throughout. You can find our games via many respected Hub’s such as: Bet Construct, Every Matrix, Hub88, Digitain, IGP, Groove Gaming, Soft Gamings, Soft Swiss, Lucky Streak and more!

Thank you for your time. At the end of this interview, can you tell us if the players should be excited for any future releases from Fugaso? Perhaps you can reveal to our readers some titles to look out for soon?

Our team of professional’s is always keen on new themes, mechanics and what will excite the players, considering all of this, we are planning some amazing and Innovative games that we believe will change the Industry and provide a whole new aspect to the entertainment within the video slot games. Some of our banging new releases will Include the festive XMASS themed Santa’s Jingle Wheel, following up with several Classic’s with a modern twist at Hit The Diamond & Diamond Blitz 40. Its just the tip of the iceberg so when the time is right, we will reveal much more!

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